SEXtember is back for 2022!

Published: 15 Aug 2022
SEXtember 2022

UNSW's annual sexual health festival is back for 2022, and it's time we talk about the kind of sex life you deserve.

This year we're expanding our idea of sex.

After surveying the student community and taking on feedback from our first planning session, we have confirmed this year’s theme for SEXtember 2022 @UNSW is Pleasure, Love & Respect. Here at UNSW, we believe that these elements are foundational in all aspects of intimacy and relationships, not only with others but also with ourselves. You can read our manifesto below to learn more about SEXtember and this year's theme.


Everyone, no matter where they come from, how they identify, or the bodies they reside in deserves to experience safe, consensual pleasure with themselves and others without shame, stigma or exclusion. 


Love comes in many forms from romantic, platonic, familial, sexual, and with the self, we celebrate and encourage all kinds of love and aim to foster a community of people with the skills and knowledge to engage in healthy relationships of all kinds, especially with themselves.  


Living beings in all forms must be treated with respect and maintain their dignity. Respect can be shown in many ways from respecting people's cultures, beliefs, boundaries, and environment. We believe that respect is the foundation we need to engage in all forms of healthy pleasure and love. However, respect should be given freely and does not come at the cost of our own safety or dignity.  

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