UNSW x Humans for Earth Collaboration

Image shows Humans for Earth logo (three trees)
Published: 12 Aug 2022

So, what is your story about saving the planet? Humans for Earth is seeking a collaboration with UNSW Sydney students and staff to feature in their special issue of their digital magazine.

Humans for Earth is a global organisation spread across New York, Sydney and New Delhi that aims to cover opinions and stories about how citizens on this planet are battling the impact of climate change. In their upcoming magazine issue, they want to feature opinion pieces, poems, vlogs, and any other creative pieces from UNSW Sydney to amplify the voice of the planet in their UNSWxHFE special edition.

Their first magazine issue featured UNSW Science student Gurinder Singh, writing about climate change in Australia. The magazine also showcased articles about environmental changes in the Philippines and Lebanon, company features such as Million Marker, Pepsico and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and other sustainability issues.

The issue will be published on 15 December.

For any questions, email [email protected]


Submissions close Friday 28 October

More information available here

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