Unmissable opportunity!

Published: 2 Mar 2022

First Inventors is an ambitious four-part TV series exploring and celebrating the innovations and cultural knowledge that First Nations peoples utilised over the millennia to thrive on this tough continent. The project takes an Indigenous-led approach to the story telling, at times using relevant western science, to shed light on the complexity and sophistication of these ancient systems.

The series has been commissioned by NITV and Channel 10, an exciting partnership given the audience reach it will bring to this programme.

UNSW Engineering is seeking 6 students to work on a design team-based project as part of the series. The team will work together, supported by two project officers, to build a small boomerang-powered drone. No prior experience is necessary.

More information and a full timeline is available here

Interested? Click below to submit an Expression of Interest by Monday 7 March 2022.

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