Term 1 Flexibility Week

Published: 18 Mar 2022

Flexibility Week* (also known as 'Flex Week') is during Week 6 of term and is an opportunity for students to catch up on their studies, consolidate their learning, and prep for upcoming exams and assessments.

Flex Week in Term 1 2022 will be from Monday 21 March - Sunday 27 March inclusive.

Student wellbeing is a key focus. The purpose of Flex Week is to provide a period when: 

  • students can catch up with readings if they have lost time because of extra-curricular engagements, sickness or misadventure
  • those who have been granted extensions can complete their assessments without compromising other work and falling behind
  • students can have some dedicated time to allow for consolidation of the material learnt in the first five weeks, before moving into a second block of learning.

*please note that not all courses have Flex Week - if you are unsure if your course/s will have Flex Week, please contact your lecturer, tutor, or course convenor for more information. 


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