ADA Shadow Board | New student members wanted!

Published: 11 Feb 2022

Arts, Design & Architecture (ADA) is looking for new members to join the Dean’s Shadow Board.

The Shadow Board is a diverse group of students from across the faculty who advise the Dean and her team on what it’s like to be a student with ADA. They help the Dean identify problems and are solution creators too, co-designing fixes to the issues we identify. They are also great stress-testers for broader strategic issues the leadership of the Faculty are faced with.

Members of the Shadow Board are diverse: Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Higher Degree Research, domestic, international, Indigenous, gender-diverse.  We listen to each other, work to understand different perspectives, and to identify and creatively solve problems. 

The Board meets once a fortnight on a Monday afternoon and members are paid for their time and contribution. If you would like to contribute to the Board and the Faculty, please submit an Expression of Interest form.

Submit Expression of Interest

Applications close Friday 25 February. 

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