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Published: 18 Nov 2021

Applications to be a Science Peer Mentor throughout Term 1 2022 are now open!

Sometimes all we need is a familiar face or point of contact to help us along whilst we transition from high school to university studies.

By becoming a Peer Mentor, you can assist our first-year Science students during this phase and help make the university experience much more enjoyable for our new students.  

What's involved?

The Science Peer Mentoring Program will run throughout Term 1, in both an in-person and virtual setting, with activities starting right from O-Week until the end of term.

Mentors will be provided with mentoring training and you will use the skills you've gained through this training to mentor up to five students throughout Term 1.  

What are the benefits? 

  • You become a positive role model and have the satisfaction of knowing you are helping members of the university community.  
  • You will acquire lifelong skills that will be transferable to your future career, such as problem-solving, time management, social and communication skills, and leadership. 
  • It offers you an opportunity to do something new and different.  
  • Volunteering is regarded very highly by many businesses, and as such enhances your CV.  
  • You will have your participation in the Program listed on your secondary transcript (AHEGS). 

To be eligible, you need to:  

  • have completed at least 36 units of credit by 13 February 2022 
  • have Good academic standing  
  • be enrolled as an undergraduate student in Term 1 2022. 

If this sounds like you, click below and apply now. Be quick - applications close 11:45pm Sunday 12 December

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