APRU “Global Perspectives on Anti-Asian Racism: Overcoming The Hate” Webinar Series

Published: 20 Oct 2021

Among the many challenges that Covid-19 has brought to societies around the world, the reemergence of antiquated racist tropes about the Asian diaspora has come with dangerous consequences. The inequities, racism, geopolitical tensions have always existed, but are now in sharp focus because of the Covid-19 crisis and has revealed the rising and rampant hate.

This is a critical time for understanding and serious dialogue. This webinar series aims to give university students, administrators, and global leaders a space to share knowledge and experience and to have difficult conversations across the Asia-Pacific region. This dialogue is designed to open the door for more understanding of racially targeted hate and how these ideas circulate and have influence of our daily lives.

The APRU community reflects the tightness of social networks across a widespread geographic region and we offer these discussions as a space to come together in unity to pinpoint opportunities for universities to build a more inclusive future.

APRU is committed to enhancing social wellbeing by acting to combat inequality and racism, promote diversity and inclusion, and the empowerment of women and minorities. This event is hosted by APRU with the University of California Los Angeles in partnership with The Chinese University of Hong Kong, The University of Auckland, and The University of British Columbia.

You can choose to attend one or more of the following webinars:

Part I: Understanding and Overcoming Anti-Asian Hate (

Part II: Global Perspectives (


To register for the webinars please visit: https://apru.org/event/apru-global-perspectives-on-anti-asian-racism-overcoming-the-hate-webinar-series/

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