Luminocity 2021 Annual Exhibition

Published: 10 Sep 2021

Luminocity 2021 showcases our undergraduate student work. Immerse yourself in this atmospheric digital experience that’s unlike anything you’ve seen before — it’s one of the most exciting online experiences this year!

It features students and staff from the UNSW School of Built Environment. You’ll learn about their experiences and see how their projects are actively addressing critical urban, social and environmental challenges.

- Dr Ainslie Murray and Dr Cathy Smith with exhibition developer-designer and alumnus James Hargrave, Owner and Founder of Abstract 8.

As you take a tour through the exhibition, and the accompanying catalogue, you will see the breadth and diversity of our students’ work, their creativity, empathy, and passion. You’ll hear from staff and students in short videos providing insight into their experiences in our degrees, and from alumni about how the industry-focused education we offer has helped them establish their careers while also becoming agents of change in their chosen profession. - Associate Professor Philip Oldfield, Head of School.

Get immersed in Luminocity 2021

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