Note-taker Service Provision Agreement

  1. I will attend classes and take notes for the courses I am enrolled in and/or have agreed to with Equitable Learning Services. Where I am unable to attend a class. I understand it is my responsibility to find replacement notes and submit these to Equitable Learning Services as soon as I can.

  2. I will type up the notes and submit them on time and in sufficient detail that will ensure that the student with disabilities is not disadvantaged.

  3. I will not distribute or reproduce the course notes outside the agreed purpose of note taking without seeking the written permission of the lecturer delivering the course.

  4. Note-taking is a confidential service provided by Equitable Learning Services. Note-takers are not to identify themselves to the student requiring notes.

  5. I will not disclose any information in connection with the student for whom the notes are being taken and will comply with the privacy principles that govern the handling of personal information by UNSW. (Refer to

  6. I understand that by breaching this Agreement, I may be contravening UNSW student misconduct policies, general UNSW policies and procedures and will be held personally liable for legal claims or actions.

  7. Either party may terminate this Agreement with one week's notice in writing in accordance with the conditions of employment previously advised.
Statement of agreement
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