Nathan - UNSW Hero Testimonial

Nathan Pendlebury

Bachelor of Civil Engineering

Currently assists with supervising UNSW Hero Teams


I joined the UNSW Hero Program in my final year of Civil Engineering with little technical IT knowledge, I could not have found the experience more rewarding or beneficial to my degree. The workshops and events were both informative and extremely enjoyable, they helped me develop many soft skills I wish I had years ago. The connections and friends you make along the way will also be invaluable.

The Hero Program has shown me how important our ideas can be and provided me with the tools needed to develop these ideas into something that can serve a real purpose. Being shown what you are capable of is a fantastic way to feel good about yourself and gain some real confidence. The Hero Program has made me say yes to things and shown me how to use what I know. I encourage anyone to apply, it’s a bunch of fun, you will learn so many important skills you can use anywhere and it can have a real impact on our campus.


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