Myth-busting COVID-19

From continuously washing your nose to bathing in a stew of garlic and lemons, there are a lot of myths out there surrounding COVID-19. And while these ones are easy to spot as myths, some are a little harder to dismiss.

One of the biggest myths is that if you catch Coronavirus you will know. Specifically, common symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, cough and difficulty breathing but early on, infected people may show no symptoms at all, which is why physical distancing is so imperative at this time. 

Despite what you may have read, it is important to know that COVID-19 is not affected by temperature and therefore is not more likely to spread in a humid environment, you cannot actually be infected with COVID-19 from packages you receive in the mail from China, COVID-19 cannot be transmitted by mosquitoes or dogs, and if you do contract COVID-19, antibiotics WILL NOT help. Antibiotics cannot treat viruses, they only treat bacterial infections. 

For more myths around COVID-19, follow the link below. 

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