The Level up! block is a useful tool for keeping track of progression and engaging with a course. When added by an instructor, students will see an experience bar and level assigned to them inside the block.  

Doing actions or tasks set up by the instructor will reward students with experience points. When a student gathers enough experience points, they are rewarded with a level up which increases their level.  

Instructors can enable the Level up! Block's ladder. The ladder is a leaderboard that places each students level and experience in relation to each other student and provides them with a rank.

A Level up! block. The student has yet to earn any experience. 

Viewing your experience points and level

Your level and experience points are displayed directly in the Level up! Block. The block is only available if the instructor adds it to their course. The instructor can choose where the block appears. 

The 3 main components displayed in the block are:

  • Level - This increases as you gain experience points. 


  • Experience Points - The total amount of experience points you have. 


  • Experience BarThe experience needed to reach your next level. 



Gaining experience points

Experience points are gained by performing actions within the course. The instructor determines which actions give students points and the amount of points these actions give.  

If enabled by the instructor, a list of recent actions that have given you experience points can be viewed in the Recent Rewards section of the Level up! Block.  


Viewing the available levels

To view information on available levels: 

  1. At the Level up! Block, click the Info button. 


  1. The Information page will be displayed. On this page you can view: 


Level: Icons representing the levels that are available to be reached 

Requires: The experience points needed to be gathered to reach each level 

Description: A description for each level 

Viewing the ladder

The instructor can choose to enable or disable the ladder. When enabled, you can view the ladder by: 

  1. At the Level up! Block, click the Ladder button. 


  1. The Ladder page will be displayed. On this page you can view your rank and the ranks of other students. Depending on the instructor’s settings, you may only be able to view the ranks of students whose ranks are close to your own. 


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