The Leadership Foundations Program!

Leadership Foundations is our AHEGS accredited leadership development program, which is available to all UNSW students. Whether you are beginning your leadership journey or looking to refresh your foundational skills, you will develop core leadership and professional skills, which can be applied in a range of different contexts.

Some topic areas include but are not limited to:

  • Self-awareness,
  • Wellbeing and resilience,
  • Building effective relationships,
  • Creating safe and inclusive teams,
  • Collaboration and communication, and
  • Conflict management.

In joining our Leadership Foundations learning community, the skills gained will prepare you to unlock new opportunities at UNSW (co-curricular and academic) and enhance your employability in the future.

Applications for our September program intake are now closed.


Who is this program for?

Leadership Foundations is best suited for students starting out on their leadership journey or looking to refresh their foundational leadership skills (e.g., students applying for a leadership role at uni like a peer mentor, club/society executive, student representative council member and faculty ambassador, or who are in the early stages of a similar leadership role at uni or in the community).

The program is also intended for students who are passionate about personal or professional development.  It will also provide support to students exploring their career or life pathway direction.

What does this program involve?

You will join a learning community of like minded students to progress through six learning modules (taking approx. 20 hours in total to complete).  Each module comprises one online learning experience (involving personal reflection tasks, readings and/or videos).  There are four learning modules which also include a workshop experience (encompassing group-based tasks, collaboration, skill practice activities and personal reflection).

Accompanying the learning modules are development tasks which need to be satisfactorily completed in order to successfully finish the program.

You will be required to attend a welcome webinar at the beginning of the program as well.

What will I learn / do in this program?

In Leadership Foundations, you will:

  • Create your own leadership development plan and explore what leadership means to your identity.
  • Formulate a purpose statement by reflecting on your personal values, strengths, and life experiences.
  • Construct a wellbeing and resilience action plan to expand personal capacity when encountering challenges.
  • Co-create team agreements to encourage constructive relationships in team environments by considering factors such as psychological safety, effective communication, and conflict management.
  • Develop a team culture action plan by applying the principles of social awareness, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Demonstrate the leadership development attributes of courage, growth mindset, curiosity, empathy, active listening and self-reflection.

When does this program run?

Applications are now closed for our intensive program during the break period in September.

Intensive program

Our intensive Leadership Foundations program offers students the opportunity to invest in their personal and professional development during the September break period without the distraction of normal coursework and exams.  Our learning modules will be made available at intervals across a 2-week period allowing you to fast-track your leadership development.

Key dates for the Intensive program:

  • Welcome Webinar – Friday 27th August 2021; 1pm to 2:30pm AEST
  • Workshop Intensive #1 – Thursday 2nd September 2021; 1pm to 730pm AEST (Includes meal break).
  • Workshop Intensive #2 – Thursday 9th September 2021; 1pm to 7:30pm AEST (Includes meal break).

*Online learning modules will be made available prior to each workshop intensive day.

**The Welcome Webinar and both Workshop Intensive days will be delivered via Zoom.

What recognition will I receive?

Upon satisfactorily meeting the program participation and development task requires, you will be awarded AHEGS accreditation, a program completion certificate, advertisement to post on your LinkedIn profile, and access to the Leadership Foundations LinkedIn Group to continue your professional and personal development

More information

Contact UNSW Student Development

Email: [email protected]

Location: Ground floor, John Goodsell Building, Kensington Campus

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