Larry - UNSW Hero Testimonial

Larry Unguroiu

Bachelor of Information Systems (CO-OP)

Currently interning at IBM and assists with supervising UNSW Hero Teams


There are few development programs out there that seek to challenge and grow students as much as UNSW Heroes. The management team maintains a really tight knit cohort which ensures that students have a very personal relationship with the supervisors/coordinators.

I was able to join in my first year and get experience providing customer service with UNSW IT and working on an innovation project. I presented my team's pitch and was later brought back as a leader running a team of my own. Through this I got to experience the other side through planning team meetings, managing development of interns, coordinating work and project management.

The program is an absolutely amazing opportunity to meet a lot of people within the university, develop soft skills and work on an innovation project of your team’s choosing. I thoroughly enjoyed it so far and would recommend it to anyone!


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