Alumni career profile: Kinsella


UNSW Bachelor Media (PR & Advertising) - 2018

Current role

Business Executive


CX Lavender

Current work activities and projects

In business management, I get to manage projects as they move throughout the agency, as well as manage client relationships.

As a CX agency, a lot of our work involves extensive research into who the customer is and how to deliver the best customer experience. As a Business Executive, it is extremely important for me to remain up to date with the latest news and trends. it is often our job to make sure that each customer touch point is considered from a digital, creative and strategic perspective.

Highlights of the role

No two days are the same! Everything is constantly changing and so it's pretty hard to get bored. As there are so many diverse projects coming in an out of the agency, every day is an exciting challenge.

Highlights of UNSW

My highlight from UNSW was meeting so many interesting people!

Advice for current students

Be confident in your ability!

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