Alumni career profile: Jay


Software Engineering - 2018

Current role

Graduate, Digital Solutions


NTT Australia Digital

Current work activities and projects

Lots of different things: frontend development in ReactJS, azure stack development, self-learning and study, client meetings, presentations, hardware maintenance, Graduate networking.

Highlights of the role

With support from work, I achieved my PSM I (certification relating to the management of agile software development). I have worked solo with a client and have deployed my own web app on their premises hardware.


Finishing my honours thesis in my final year was awesome. Going in to the workforce it's cool to work in a nice office and fly to other cities for work. We got to go to Melbourne as graduates for our graduate conference. I've also done training at Google.

Highlights of UNSW

Hanging out with friends from societies, I was involved in leading at CBS and have made lifelong friends. I organised events at Bike Club, and I hung out with a lot of people from CSESOC and animeUNSW. I volunteered a lot at arc bikeology too and got to help out a lot of people.

Advice for current students

Take your time applying for jobs and look for something that your skillset actually matches up to, then it'll be a lot easier to get that job. You might have to wait a while but that's ok. Have fun while you're at uni and take time to catch up with your friends, make the most of it while you can because it's easier to catch up with them while you're still at uni together.

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