Find Industrial Training

Securing a placement can be competitive and tricky to navigate. The Find Industrial Training series of events will provide tips and advice for all Engineering students to ensure a rewarding placement experience!

Presented by UNSW Employability and UNSW Engineering 

There are 3 different events to this series which run at the start of each term. 

Event 1: Industry advice for the recruitment process 

Meet industry recruiters, employers and alumni to find out what they look for in students. 


Event 2: The Industrial Training process at UNSW

Learn all about the process to completing your Industrial Training requirement at UNSW:

  • Pre-requisite Modules
  • Pre-Approval Applications
  • Employer Evaluation Forms
  • Final IT Reports


Event 3: How to Find (great!) Industrial Training

Learn how to research your industry, organise your search and find the right opportunity for Industrial Training.




What is Industrial Training?

Industrial Training is an important 60 day work placement designed to make sure UNSW Engineering students graduate work ready. It means, not only do you graduate with some real on-the-job experience, you also qualify for accreditation by Engineers Australia. 

Do I have to do Industrial Training?

As an Engineering student* at UNSW you must complete a minimum of 60 days of approved Industrial Training. The process of sourcing valuable Industrial Training can often be highly competitive. If you're yet to secure Industrial Training as a part of your degree the Find Industrial Training event series is a must!

*Only Undergraduate and 8621 Masters Engineering students are required to complete Industrial Training.

Should I attend all three events?

Yes! All three of our Industrial Training events cover important parts of the process. Try and make it to as many as you can. Attending all three will give you all the information, advice and contacts that you need to confidently help you find the right Industrial Training for you! 

How do I find more information on Industrial Training?

Visit UNSW Engineering's Industrial Training homepage for more information, rules and guidelines to Industrial Training.


This engagement opportunity may not be suitable for an MBA student, please refer to the AGSM Career Development Centre for MBA-relevant opportunities.

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