Innovator Pro supports the development of graduate capabilities, helping you to become a rigorous scholar, innovative leader, lifelong learning professional, and global citizen. This is achieved via our our supportive learning environment,  multidisciplinary cohort and  industry based learning (similar to Work Integrated Learning). The Innovator Pro community and program experience aims to equip you with the skills to thrive in employment.

The program uses a three tier structure including; Industry workshops; an innovative project, and accelerated access to industry (volunteering, employment, and internships). 

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Industry workshops

Go beyond classroom learning

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Students participate in industry workshops facilitated by successful and engaging industry leaders. The purpose of the workshops is to gain a clear understanding of an individual’s experience within their career, and to take away key lessons of success, failures, processes and learning experiences. Countless industry partners including EY, PwC, QBE, ResMed and more educate our students on their careers. Throughout the workshop series students learn about the newest technologies disrupting the market whilst also gaining interpersonal, teamwork, and presentation skills. 

Workshops with AWS, IBM, and KPMG, for example, showcase leading technologies and provide students with hands on experience in machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data analysis, and virtual reality.

Intrapreneurship project

Use UNSW as your innovation playground

Students are grouped together in diverse teams with the goal of creating and pitching an innovative product or service improvement. Students take inspiration and guidance from industry leaders to develop their idea. Teams will work alongside mentors from UNSW professional staff and industry sponsors, gaining strategic insight and evaluation of their innovative project. 

Industry Opportunities

Make the most of your innovation learning experience 

Innovator Pro facilitators regularly communicate across the UNSW campus to identify work opportunities for budding innovators, whether these be volunteering, internships or paid work opportunities. These opportunities are not guaranteed; however, some initiatives are exclusively broadcast to participants as availability arises. 

And if that's not enough

Plenty of additional benefits to get you pumped


  • Gives you plenty of exciting content to add to your resume
  • UNSW Advantage recognised co-curricular opportunity, eligible for AHEGS
  • Meet like-minded individuals and expand professional networks
  • Receive professional mentoring and supervision from UNSW staff and program partners
  • Be the first to learn about paid work opportunities from our partners and around the University
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