GSA's Peer Mentoring Program

About the program

GSA's Peer Mentoring Program aims at smoothening the transition process of new students into UNSW by pairing them with an experienced mentor who will help show them the ropes around UNSW social as well as academic life. The program includes one-on-one mentoring sessions and attendance at events like meet and greets.

When does this program run?

Term 1, Term 2 and Term 3

Week 1 to Week 8 of term.

New student (mentee) registrations

Check the GSA website for updates about when registrations open throughout the year.

Mentor applications

Business School students who have been studying for at least 2 terms are encouraged to apply. Check the GSA website for updates about when applications open throughout the year.

More information

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @gsaunsw


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