Get Tested 2022

It’s that time of year. The birds and the bees are out doing their thang, so get ready and get tested. Getting a sexual health check at least once a year should be a routine part of your healthcare. STI’s are common in young people in Australia, and, if left untreated, can have serious side effects. 


Sexual health testing is recommended for everyone; 

  1. At least once a year if you are sexually active, 
  2. When you change sexual partners, or 
  3. If you have unprotected sex or your condom breaks 
  4. If you want to start having unprotected sex with your partner. 

Initiating a conversation with a doctor about STI testing can be a little awkward, so during SEXtember we’re doing what we can to simplify the process.  

Book STI Test

Do I need to test if I don’t have symptoms? 

YES - most STI’s don’t have symptoms. 

If you do have symptoms such as burning urine, discharge and/or odd smells from your vagina or penis we recommend you book in to see a doctor who will order a few more test. 

Where can I get tested? 

Throughout September UNSW Health Service is providing STI tests at no cost to you* come down to the Quad on HUMP Day September 21 (10am-4pm) and get a test, or book in to see a doctor through our SEXtember consults here 

International Students

Are you an international student wanting to learn more about sexual health?

Head to the International Students Hub with tonnes of sexual health information designed by international students for international students.

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