Get set up with UNSW systems

Manage your zID and zPass

You would already have a student ID, e.g. z1234567 - this is your zID; and the password you would have set up is your zPass.

Use your zID and zPass to log in to various UNSW systems. You can manage your zPass on UNSW Identity Manager.

Set up your UNSW email

Your UNSW email address is determined by your zID, e.g. if your zID is z1234567 then your email address is [email protected]

UNSW will send important communications to this address, so please check your email frequently or alternatively, set up redirection to your preferred email address.

Your Moodle platform

Your courses are carefully designed to help you learn effectively online. All your study is done in Moodle, and each of your courses has its own Moodle site.

This is where you'll find your course objectives, content, activities, and assessment tasks. It's also where you interact with your lecturers and fellow students, via announcements and discussion forums. Courses are typically structured into modules, which you work your way through according to a clearly defined schedule. It's also where you submit your work and receive feedback and results. 

Each course has an orientation week – usually the week before the course begins - and there might be activities for you to do during that week. Even if that's not the case, it’s still a good idea to familiarise yourself thoroughly with the course and its Moodle site during that week so that you're fully prepared when the course begins. 

Pages to bookmark

myUNSW: this is where you'll find all the various administrative services that you'll need throughout your time at UNSW.

UNSW Glossary: when starting at UNSW, you'll come across many terms that are new to you. Check out this handy glossary that explains them all! 

Be aware of your fees

Your Fee Statement will be available in myUNSW 2-3 weeks before the study period starts.

If you have trouble accessing your Fee Statement, contact the Student Financials team at [email protected]. Take note of each teaching period's census date, as this is the last day you can withdraw from your course(s) without incurring fees.

Note your key dates

You should be aware of your key dates, and plan accordingly.

If your program is the Master of Analytics, Master of Data Science, Master of Cyber Security, Master of FinTech, Master of Management or Master of Applied Finance, then you have special key dates. Otherwise, check the UNSW standard key dates. Also be aware of your assessment due dates, which will be listed in your Course Outlines in Moodle.

Complete your ELISE training

ELISE is a comprehensive set of tutorials designed to introduce you to studying at UNSW. It teaches you key skills and concepts that are crucial to academic work, including: 

  • How to find information, particularly via the library 

  • How to read and write academically, including how to reference 

  • How to conduct yourself ethically 

  • How to manage your time. 

You are required to work your way through these tutorials, and then complete the ELISE quiz by the end of Week 1 of your first Hexamester.

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