In 2023 more students will return to campus for invigilated exams. However, exams will still be mostly delivered online.

Students with an on-campus Inspera invigilated exam will need to bring a laptop and their smartphone to complete their exam. Please see the section What you can take into your exam for more information, including information regarding Covid-19 safety measures, and troubleshooting for Multi-Factor Authentication.

As most of you have already experienced online exams in 2021 and 2022, you will be aware of any environmental or technical issues which may impact you sitting exams off campus. For example, you may not have a quiet space at home where you can study undisturbed, or your WiFi signal at home may be unreliable.

Now that campus has reopened, the libraries are available for you take your exams. There are study spaces which you are currently able to book. All desks come with power and reliable WiFi access. For more information about access during the exam period, please check back for updates.

For more information on how you take your exams, please visit the Exam Delivery information page.

Please check your UNSW Student Email for more information as we progress through the Term in relation to your Term 3, 2023 Exam Period and any additional resources.

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Timetable for exams

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Rules and policy

Your obligations: what you must and must not do in exams

What you can take into an exam

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Inspera Assessment Platform

Find out more about centrally managed, on-campus Inspera invigilated exams.

Exam delivery

How and where you take your exams.

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Supplementary exams

A supplementary exam may be awarded to students for the reasons outlined here.

Exams for students of other institutions

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