Student events and activities

Next Level Networking

Are you a new student at UNSW? On Thursdays at 11AM (AEST), you can jump onto Zoom or Arc's Facebook page to hear from current UNSW students and experts about how to kickstart your studies and student life at UNSW!

Global Perspectives on Anti-Asian Racism: Overcoming The Hate

This is a critical time for understanding and serious dialogue. While anti-Asian racism has already existed globally, the reemergence of geopolitical tensions, inequities and even violence are now in sharp focus because of the COVID-19 crisis and has revealed the rising and rampant hate.

Join one or both events from this webinar series hosted by APRU

Exam Period (T3)

The exam period for the T3 teaching period will be held from Friday 26 November to Thursday 9 December 2021.

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