Debugging Unhelpful Technology Habits

1 Mar, 2:30pm – 15 Mar 2023, 4:00pm
Room 2008, Level 2, East Wing, Quadrangle Building (map ref: E17)

Have you been noticing you are using your technology to fill time rather than as a tool or enjoyable experience? Are you feeling stuck in the same unhelpful patterns with how you use your devices? 

We all acknowledge technology is an integral part of our daily living, but for many of us, we have become glued to our phones/screens/watches before we are even aware of the purpose. For many, this pattern has negatively impacted our feelings of connection, productivity and creativity.  

In our second offering of this technology group, Psychology and Wellness counsellors will explore our relationship with technology (both helpful and unhelpful), the impacts on our attention, and building noticing skills to help promote making changes that work for you. We will delve into the reward circuitry of the brain and discuss the biological relationship we may be creating with our technology. By the end of this three-part series, we hope to assist participants with identifying workable changes that promote connectedness with others and building healthier ways to interact with our technology.  

The group roughly will be broken down into three parts: social media, gaming and connectedness. While one section may feel more relevant than others, this group has been specially designed to scaffold learning from each week. We believe you would gain the most benefit from attending all three sessions. 

This group is designed to be dynamic, interactive, engaging and will be fully in person. Registration is essential to attending. Booking one ticket will automatically enrol you for all three weeks of content. We look forward to seeing you there! 

  • Dates:  Wednesday 1st March, Wednesday 8th March & Wednesday 15th March 2023
  • Time: 2.30pm-4pm (check-in from 2:15pm)
  • Venue: Room 2008, Level 2, East Wing, Quadrangle Building (map ref: E17)
  • Campus Map: Kensington Campus Map.pdf (

Registration closes on Monday 27th February at 3pm.

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