Meet UNSW Science Alumni | Careers in Science Week

17 Oct – 20 Oct 2022
In person & online
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Careers in Science Week is your chance to kickstart your career journey in Science. The following Alumni Talks are scheduled for week 6:

Day 1 – Monday 17 October

Welcome Event

Keynote speakers will share stories about their unique career pathways, followed by a Q&A session with alumni panellists, who will speak about their experiences and answer any questions you have about careers in science.

Alumni Talks: Research and Development

Hear from alumni who made it their mission to be at the frontier of scientific discoveries. Join some of the best minds in industry research as they cover everything from how to get started in research and development, what skills you may need, and what's next for innovation in this field. 

Day 2 – Tuesday 18 October

Alumni Talks: Science Communication

Are you interested in science communication and public outreach? Learn what it takes to be a great science communicator, whether that’s communicating new discoveries and advancements in science, or translating your high-level scientific knowledge (that you have gained at university!) to the relevant audience.

Alumni Talks: Healthcare and Wellbeing

Looking after people’s health and wellbeing comes in a variety of forms, including the development of beneficial drugs, advising on mental health, or providing physical, mental and social care to others. Learn from what it takes to be a professional in this ever-evolving industry.  

Day 3 – Wednesday 19 October

Alumni Talks: Consultancy and Advisory

Do you want to help people make informed decisions, influence policy, or advise various stakeholders on scientific research? Hear from alumni who have used skills and knowledge from their science degrees to tackle real-world business problems and opportunities.  

Alumni Talks: Science in Commerce and Analytics

Learn to use the scientific and analytical skills you’ve developed from your science degree to shape the world through business, finance, the economy, big data or analytics. Alumni will explain how their scientific skillsets have aided them in these fast-paced and ever-growing industries. 

Whether you're a student with a very keen interest in one of the above areas, or you’re someone who had no idea which path to take, pop along to all of these talks. You never know what might inspire you!

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