Sing With Us: Javanese Folksong

28 Oct, 7:00pm – 11 Nov 2021, 8:00pm

Learn the background and history of various types of Javanese folksong and learn to sing traditional Javanese music with renowned Javanese Gamelan and shadow puppet master Dr Joko Susilo as part of UNSW Diversity Fest.

Among the splendours of the world, the sound of traditional Indonesian music is truly one of the most spectacular.

On the islands of Java, Bali and Sumatra, Gamelan ensembles and traditional folk songs can be heard from royal courts, in urban centres and in the many towns and villages. Metallophone, gongs, drums flutes and stringed instruments are combined to offer an aural experience of tremendous beauty and form.

The traditional music learning process in Indonesia is based on imitation and requires no previous musical training. The music is absorbed gradually and naturally – through listening participants take in the idiom and the formal structures. The music is learnt from the simplest to the most complex in a gradual process that allows a broad understanding of the structure. Similarly, the communal aspect of Javanese music means it is instantly accessible to all levels from professional musicians to those with no previous musical experience!

Participants will be introduced to the cultural context of the music; the tradition of shadow puppets and puppeteers, masks and costumes, as well as learning to sing traditional pieces. Javanese music is tuneful and relaxing with layers of interlocking rhythms for you to enjoy and explore.

This event is supported by the UNSW Division of Equity Diversity & Inclusion, as part of Diversity Fest 2021

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