If you are considering enrolling or have enrolled in Summer Term courses, it is very important that you let your Equitable Learning Facilitator know at least four weeks before Summer Term starts.

You need to be aware that the courses during Summer Term have long days, 100% attendance requirements and intensive workloads. This may mean there will be no room for any flexibility in providing some educational adjustments because of the allocated time, availability of resources and staffing required.

While we will do our best, we may not be able to meet your expectations in having some provisions in place for Summer Term and you will need to discuss this with your Equitable Learning Facilitator.

In order for us to manage your provisions for Summer Term, you need to read the following carefully.

Talk to the lecturer/tutor now

We strongly advise that you go and speak to the lecturer or tutor conducting the Summer Term course you are interested in before you enrol. They can advise you of the workload you will be required to complete and in what time frame. Please ask about required texts and whether Lecture Recordings, Moodle, etc. are available. Ensure you have a clear understanding of how you can manage your study commitments in the short time frame.

Equitable Learning Plan for Summer Term

The Equitable Learning Plan you received in Terms 1, 2 or 3 may also apply for Summer Term unless your condition is temporary, or your plan specifically states a set time frame. Please note that any changes to provisions may require you to provide updated documentation.

Alternative formatting in Summer Term

If you require any alternative formatting for Summer Term, you must take action and organise the purchase of your course readers and texts as soon as possible. Please be aware that requests to publishers for electronic copies can take up to eight weeks, and while we will endeavour to have them in time for your course, we cannot guarantee the material will arrive in time.

If you have any textbooks published by The Federation Press, please contact them first before purchasing a hard copy as they will sell you an electronic copy directly. You will still require verification from Equitable Learning Services (ELS) that you are a student who is registered with us.

ELS will approach all other publishers on your behalf; however, we can only do this when you bring in your receipts. While we will do our best to assist you, due to the tight time frames involved in getting material formatted, we are relying on your assistance.

If you require alternative formatting for Summer Term, you will need to bring in your course readers and texts (including purchase receipts) no later than eight weeks before Summer Term starts. All material will be managed on a 'first in, first served' basis.

Find out more about how Alternative formatting works or talk to your Equitable Learning Advisor.

Note-taking in summer term

We are not able to provide note-taking services during Summer Term courses.

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