The Supporting Documents Form may assist you in obtaining the required evidence about your disability or medical condition from your health professional. Your health professional can send documentation and/or the Supporting Document Form straight back to Equitable Learning Services by fax or email so you can have provisions put in place as soon as possible.

Two versions of the same form are linked below in different formats. The different formats are provided for your flexibility.

PDF printable form

This version of the form is optimised for printing and handwritten submissions.

Word docx form

This version of the form is optimised for editing using Microsoft Word.

Answers for frequently asked questions

What happens after I submit the documentation?

As soon as your documents have been assessed, you will be contacted regarding an appointment with an Equitable Learning Facilitator. If you have any questions, please contact us. You will be unable to have an appointment with an advisor until we have received sufficient documentation as evidence of your disability.

Why do I need to bring medical documents?

UNSW is required to keep documented evidence of your disability or circumstances on file. We need to have a statement from a professional external practitioner that verifies your condition and the impact on your studies. We will then be able to put in place the best services to assist you. Even if your condition is obvious, permanent or you have had it since birth, you still need to bring documentation to support your application for educational adjustments.

Information for carers and students studying on day release

Students caring for family members with a disability or studying under difficult circumstances should provide supporting documentation such as a letter from the government department supporting them e.g. Department of Community Services, Corrective Services etc. If you do not have any documentation outlining your circumstances, please contact us and an Equitable Learning Facilitator will be in touch.

Ongoing review of documentation

While you do not need to re-register with us, your Equitable Learning Facilitator will regularly review your services. You may be asked to come in for an appointment to confirm whether specific services are still required. Your documentation must remain up-to-date. Your facilitator may ask you to bring in updated documentation in order to receive ongoing support or to make any changes to your adjustments.

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