Whilst the majority of postgraduate places at UNSW are Domestic Fee Paying there are certain programs which have an allocation of Commonwealth support funding. These places are limited in each program and even though they are listed below, do not guarantee a Commonwealth supported place if you are granted an offer of admission.

Programs not listed here have no Commonwealth supported funding and are Domestic Fee Paying only. If you are a Domestic fee Paying student you may be eligible for FEE-HELP, but you are not eligible for the subsidised tuition under Commonwealth support.

What is a Commonwealth supported place?

A Commonwealth Supported Place is a higher education place for which the Commonwealth Government contributes towards the cost of your education, thereby subsidising your tuition cost. You pay the subsidised amount only, which is referred to as your Student Contribution amount, which varies depending on courses undertaken. Your student contribution amount may be deferred under HECS-HELP, or paid upfont at the start of each term/semester, depending on your eligibility. For a definition of Commonwealth Support refer to Study Assist.

How to apply

You should submit your application for admission either directly to UNSW or the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC), depending on your program. Please refer to Apply Online for details and application closing dates.

If you receive an offer for a Commonwealth supported place (outlined in your offer letter), you will be required to complete the ‘Request for a Commonwealth Supported Place and HECS-HELP Loan’ Commonwealth Assistance Form (CAF) electronically, as part of your acceptance process. The electronic CAF will be presented to you during ‘Part 2’ of the online acceptance and enrolment process. It is important to note that you must complete this contract to be eligible for Commonwealth support and it must be submitted before the census date of your enrolment.

Please see Getting Started for more information on acceptance.

Important: Commonwealth supported places are subject to availability at the time of application. If you are enrolled or intending to enrol in the following programs please note that a Commonwealth Supported Place is not guaranteed and may only be available in specific teaching periods.

Available programs in 2022

Arts, Design & Architecture


Counselling Social Work

8930 Master of Counselling Social Work

Development Studies

8942 Master of Development Studies


8910 Master of Education

8960 Master of Educational Leadership

8925 Master of Teaching (Primary)

8926 Master of Teaching (Secondary)

7401 Graduate Certificate in Education

7960 Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership

7327 Graduate Certificate in Teaching

7375 Graduate Certificate in University Learning and Teaching

Translation and Interpreting

8202 Master of Interpreting

8203 Master of Translation

8204 Master of Translation and Interpreting

International Relations

8233 Master of International relations**

Environmental Management

7339 Graduate Certificate in Environmental Management

8623 Master of Environmental Management


Curating and Cultural Leadership

7318 Graduate Certificate in Cultural Leadership

5312 Graduate Diploma in Cultural Leadership

9318 Master of Curating and Cultural Leadership


5306 Graduate Diploma in Design

7306 Graduate Certificate in Design

9313 Master of Design

Only available to existing UNSW students for transfer:

9314 Master of Art


7123 Graduate Certificate in Construction Project Management


8143 Master of Architecture


7148 Graduate Certificate in City Planning

8148 Master of City Planning

** Commonwealth Supported Places in these degrees are extremely limited. Applicants will be advised on their eligibility for a Commonwealth Supported Place closer to their term start date.


Engineering Science

7320 Graduate Certificate in Engineering Science

5341 Graduate Diploma in Engineering Science

8338 Master of Engineering Science

8037 Master of Science (Food Science)

Information Technology

7543 Graduate Certificate in Computing

5543 Graduate Diploma in Information Technology

8543 Master of Information Technology

Biomedical Engineering

8660 Master of Biomedical Engineering

Law & Justice

9150 Juris Doctor

Note: This program offers both Domestic Fee paying and Commonwealth Supported tuition rates. See www.law.unsw.edu.au for more information.

Medicine & Health

Health Leadership and Management*

7360 Graduate Certificate in Health Leadership and Management

7372 Graduate Certificate in Health Data Science

5509 Graduate Diploma in Health Leadership and Management

8901 Master of Health Leadership and Management

8902 Master of Health Leadership and Management (Extension)

9012 Master of Forensic Mental Health**

9372 Master of Health Data Science**

Ocular Therapy

7436 Graduate Certificate in Ocular Therapeutics


7435 Graduate Certificate in Optometry

8095 Master of Clinical Optometry

Public Health*

5420 Graduate Diploma in Orientation and Mobility

7368 Graduate Certificate in Public Health

5507 Graduate Diploma in Public Health

9045 Master of Public Health

9046 Master of Public Health (Extension)

Global Health*

7367 Graduate Certificate in Global Health

9048 Master of Global Health

9051 Master of Global Health (Extension)

Infectious Diseases Intelligence

7362 Graduate Certificate in Infectious Diseases Intelligence

5362 Graduate Diploma in Infectious Diseases Intelligence

8362 Master of Infectious Diseases Intelligence

Double Degrees*

9041 Master of Health Leadership and Management/Infectious Diseases Intelligence 

9042 Master of Global Health / Infectious Disease Intelligence

9043 Master of Global Health / Public Health

9044 Master of Global Health/Health Leadership and Management 

9047 Master of Public Health / Health Leadership and Management

9052 Master of Global Health (Extension)/Master of Public Health

9054 Master of Global Health / Public Health (Extension))

9056 Master of Public Health (Extension)/Master of Health Leadership and Management

9057 Master of Public Health/Master of Health Leadership and Management (Extension) 

9059 Master of Public Health/Master of Infectious Disease Intelligence

9364 Master of Global Health/Infectious Diseases Intelligence (Extension)

All programs within the School of Population Health are offered in both Domestic Fee paying and Commonwealth Supported tuition places. Please refer to sph.med.unsw.edu.au/ for more information

 ** Commonwealth Supported Places in these degrees are extremely limited. Applicants will be advised on their eligibility for a Commonwealth Supported Place closer to their term start date.


Mathematics and Statistics

8719 Master of Mathematics

8161 Master of Financial Mathematics

8750 Master of Statistics

7659 Graduate Certificate in Mathematics and Statistics


8256 Master of Psychology (Clinical)

8257 Master of Psychology (Forensic)


5304 Graduate Diploma (Research)

UNSW Business School

7357 Graduate Certificate in Social Impact

7456 Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics


UNSW Canberra

None available.

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