UNSW Business School Peer Assisted Study Sessions

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) offers free, weekly, out-of-class study sessions to all students enrolled in a targeted course. They are facilitated by a leader (or leaders) who are students who have previously and successfully completed the course. PASS is available for first year students studying Actuarial Studies, Accounting, Economics and Information Systems.


Leaders are trained by the PASS academic co-ordinators and the PASS co-ordinator. They are supported and supervised by the academic co-ordinator and attend weekly team meetings. Leaders are paid for participating in training, conducting PASS sessions and attending weekly meetings.

How to get involved

Advertisements will appear on the School websites in October and announcements will be made in your classes. PASS leader applications need to include a cover letter / application form, curriculum vitae and academic transcript.


  • PASS Leader
  • Student Administrator


Successful applicants undergo training in late February of each year.


  • Accredited by UNSW Advantage = Yes
    (For recognition on Australia Higher Education Graduation Statement)

Availability of activity

Term 1

Type of activity

Paid activities, Peer tutoring & mentoring

Interest area / Advantages

Tutoring & mentoring

Skills required and/or developed

Academic & scholarly skills, Interpersonal & communication, Leadership, Maths, finance & accounting

Contacts and more information


UNSW Business School


Dr Zhila Bahman- [email protected]  

Advisor, Education Quality and Support Team


Ashton Chan- [email protected]  

Student Advisor, Business School Student Centre.


For more information about co-curricular activities, see UNSW Advantage.

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