Kudos Online: Kudos Digital Art Projects

The Kudos Online: Digital Art Projects program comprises of approximately 20 digital art projects per year selected from two open call outs.

In this program students have the opportunity to be mentored through the development and execution of a digital art project. The first held in December of the previous year (2020) and the second held in May/June of the proceeding year (2021).

Applications are selected from a mixture of undergraduate and postgraduate students based on applications received in each round. Students are required to submit an exhibition proposal that outlines their conceptual rational, exhibition plan, artist CV and portfolio of work in progress or examples of previous work indicative of their proposed digital art project. Students may apply as a visual artist, designer, curator or writer. Students may apply for a solo digital art project or a group digital art project, as an individual or as a collective.

Hours to be completed by students are variable based on the amount of artists, designers, or curators participating in each digital art project, and the duration of the project (2 week project release periods). Each student will complete a minimum of 20 AHEGS hours (inclusive of 14 hours mentored digital project upload + 6 hours of digital project consultation).


  • Accredited by UNSW Advantage = Yes
    (For recognition on Australia Higher Education Graduation Statement)

Availability of activity

All year round

Type of activity

Development programs, Peer tutoring & mentoring

Interest area / Advantages

Foster collaboration, Connect globally, Embrace change, Continue learning

Skills required and/or developed

Interpersonal & communication, Leadership

Contacts and more information

Check out the website!


Contact for further information

[email protected]

For more information about co-curricular activities, see UNSW Advantage.

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