Christina - UNSW Hero Testimonial

Christina Jeong

Bachelor of Software Engineering

Currently a Solutions Developer at the Digital Learning Team, PVCE, UNSW 


The UNSW Hero program helped me to develop and practice my soft skills, such as teamwork, communication and adaptability, as well as research and problem-solving skills. Most of all, I found being able to expand my network with my talented peers across different disciplines and with the encouraging staff at IT UNSW really valuable.

Participating in the program's innovation component was hard work, but it rewarded me with more opportunities than I ever imagined – we felt our ideas being appreciated and being heard, and even becoming a reality. Also, I’m pretty sure it helped me secure a few internship positions – it was a great selling point in my interviews. ;)

UNSW Heroes is a great chance to prove yourself. I would recommend any student to take the courage, step up to the challenge, and put themselves to the test – and be publicly validated! Join the program and discover you inner potential!


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