Bonnie - UNSW Hero Testimonial

Bonnie Wang

Bachelor of Arts & Business/ Bachelor of Laws


Studying Arts and Business/Laws, I knew that I wouldn’t be likely to come across anything technology/IT/STEM related through my degree. However, I also knew that having an understanding of how technology is, and will, continue to change the future of work would be invaluable to my employability. For those reasons, I chose to apply for the Heroes program - I knew it would force me out of my comfort zone and make me interact with topics and issues which I wouldn’t normally come across in my studies.

My experience in Heroes surpassed my greatest expectations. Coming into it, I was worried that everyone else would be doing Engineering, Information Systems, Computer Science or something that sounded equally as technology orientated and intimidating, but there really was such a good mix of people from different faculties. When you have a great bunch of students, and pair that with a great range of speakers and activities, Heroes really is a university program that sets itself apart from the rest!


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