Apply to Become a Note-taker

Thank you for applying to be a note-taker for a student with a disability.

Note-taking is an important service that Equitable Learning Services provides to students with a wide range of disabilities and medical conditions that prevent them from taking their own notes. 

Please only apply to be a note-taker if you have received an email from us to your class inviting you to apply.

Before you apply, please ensure you read the following information about note-taking. Taking notes for a student with a disability requires a genuine commitment to the note-taking service. The student relies on your notes to be submitted on time every week so they can study for their course. Please think carefully and be sure you are able to provide notes by the deadlines required throughout the term. Your notes are critical in helping these students pass their courses.

Allocation of note-taker to student

How it works.
  • Each term, we compile a list of classes that students with disabilities are enrolled in.
  • We send an email to every student in each of those classes inviting them to apply for a note-taking position.
  • The first five applications are reviewed. Preference may be given to students who have been previous note-takers for a student with disabilities at UNSW or another university.
  • Previous experience is not essential. First year students are welcome to apply. 
  • Current students applying to be a note-taker must have attained a WAM of 65 or over to be eligible for a note-taking position.
  • We match potential note-takers with the courses we require.
  • For undergraduate note-taker applicants, we will only employ you if you are in the same class as the student with a disability.
  • We will advise you if you have been successful and what you have to do. If you do not hear from us within two weeks, it usually means your application has been unsuccessful.

Who makes a good notetaker?

Taking notes for someone else is different from taking notes for yourself.

Note-takers need to:

  • take clear, comprehensive notes
  • pay attention to detail
  • listen carefully and take extra care to include additional information from the lecturer about exams, reading material, etc.
  • be reliable and attend all lectures throughout the teaching session
  • present notes in a logical and easy to read format
  • meet strict deadlines and submit the notes via email on time every week
  • type up the notes (there may be exceptions for some courses that contain mainly mathematical formulae)
  • adhere to a confidentiality agreement.

Apply now

If you receive an email from the Note-taker Coordinator and would like to apply, please submit the following note-taker application form. Please note that students who fill out the form incorrectly will not be considered.

Put the date you are making this application
Student details
Your student ID number
Have you been a note-taker for Equitable Learning Services before?
Course details
What is the course number? Check your timetable if you don't know
What is the course called.
To find your class number go to the UNSW Handbook, search by using the course code you are enrolled in (which is four letters followed by four digits ‘ABCD1234’), click ‘view timetable’ for the course code. This page will display all Lectures and Tutorials for the course. You simply need to check the lecture and tutorial time you are enrolled in and next to these times your four digit class number will be displayed.
Please list the time the lecture is on eg 10:00 - 12:00
We will only send emails to your zMail account; we cannot use personal email addresses.
This is voluntary. We will only contact you if we haven't heard from you, or if there is an issue with the notetaking service
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