Anthony - UNSW Hero Testimonial

Anthony Zhou

Bachelor of Science


Upon making it into the Hero’s program, I was not sure what to expect and how it would assist me in developing my own skill set. I initially thought the program focused more on IT/Technology, and as a Science student I questioned its relevance for myself and other students in similar fields. However, the Hero program has shown me different ways of thinking that universally applies to all fields, it has helped me understand how valuable building networks is to expanding one's future career and potential. 

By the time I had completed the program, it had changed me as a person in ways that I would have never known. I’m more confident as well as more outspoken about my views. The program has enabled me to seek out more opportunities in my field and has been invaluable in providing direction to my future career. I would highly recommend the program to students from all faculties, as the skills and experience gained through the program can be applied across all faculties!


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