Alumni career profile: Annie


Bachelor of Engineering (Civil with Architecture) (Hons) - 2013

Current role

Senior Project Engineer


Lendlease Building

Current work activities and projects

Starting off as an Undergraduate Engineer with Lendlease and working on a variety of projects, I have managed various trade packages including structure, finishes, fa├žade and infrastructure works. Being an engineer in construction involves programming, planning, design management, commercial and contract management, resource planning, and a whole lot of on the spot problem solving!

Some projects that I have worked on so far include 60 Martin Place Project, Crown Casino, Commonwealth Bank in Darling Square and 3 Murray Rose (Samsung HQ) in Sydney Olympic Park.

Highlights of the role

In construction, everyday is different! There is such diversity in the people you meet, the challenges you face and day to day tasks you do. For me, the most rewarding part of building is seeing the fruits of your effort at completion and reflecting on the journey you and the team have taken to get there. And to know that I have contributed to shaping and creating better places for both our and future generations.

Lendlease has a wealth of opportunity and experience in the built environment; and combined with a very diverse portfolio, this provided the perfect environment for me to gain exposure, experience and grow as an Engineer working in construction. The support and guidance from the network of people and mentors here at Lendlease has been unwavering.


In University, I was most proud of achieving First Class Honours in my degree. Class of 2013 was the second year to graduate with the degree, with only a handful of graduates.

In my career, I am most proud of buildings that are standing in Sydney today that I have worked on. It is a special moment to go back to a project you worked on and see the finished product but also know and understand how the building was built and appreciate all the hard work put into it.

Highlights of UNSW

Meeting a diversity of people and enjoying the sun on Library Lawn with my friends.

Advice for current students

The hard work will pay off!

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