International Student & Alumni Mentor Network

We want to ensure that our international students have the most enriching time at UNSW.

The International Student & Alumni Mentor Network is specifically designed to enhance the experience of UNSW international postgraduate students, to help make a successful transition into study at UNSW, whether onshore or offshore, and prepare for life after graduation.

The International Student & Alumni Mentor Network aims to:

  1. Provide a sense of belonging to UNSW International students who are either in Australia or overseas, in order to assist with transition into UNSW and prepare for life in Sydney where applicable;

  1. Provide UNSW International students with an opportunity to meet Alumni who have been through a similar journey (such as field of study and/or country-specific);

  1. Provide UNSW International students with the opportunity to learn about their Mentors’ career path; 

  1. Provide UNSW Alumni in Australia and overseas with an opportunity to reconnect with the University, interact with current students, and give back to their alma mater.

Eligibility criteria

We welcome and encourage applications from students who meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a postgraduate International Student
  • Must be 18 years and over
  • Must be enrolled in courses for the Term that the program will be offered
  • Can commit to the following activities:
    • Virtual Launch Event & Briefings (1 hour): Date & Time TBC
    • Career Workshop (1 hour): Date & Time TBC
    • Mentoring Meetings: Minimum of 2 x meetings with each mentor during program dates
    • Mid-program survey
    • End of program survey

How does it work?

International postgraduate students register to be mentees through the application process below. The information gathered from the application form completed serves two purposes:

  1. To assist with matching students with the appropriate alumni mentor/s based on degree, nationality/location, career and/or personal interests; and
  2. Act as the basis for discussion during mentoring meetings.

Each student mentee is matched with a maximum of two (2) alumni mentors for the program. Please note that a multiple mentor match is dependent on mentor availability and quality of matching available, and is therefore not guaranteed.

A virtual launch event signifies the beginning of the program and will include an official welcome as well as separate briefing sessions – one for mentors and the other for mentees. Mentors and mentees are then asked to arrange to meet at least twice, virtually and/or in-person where possible, within the specified period. Meetings are not tracked, and pairs are given recommendations not requirements throughout the programs’ duration.

Expressions of Interest

Please register your interest to be notified when the next opportunity will become available.

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