Alumni career profile: Yuki


Bachelor of International Studies (International Business) / Bachelor of Media (Public Relations & Advertising)

Current role

Co-creation & Innovation Graduate



Current work activities and projects

I am currently part of a project that is utilising artificial intelligence to assist in the detection and monitoring of cerebral aneurysms in computed tomography scans. I work closely with partners from GE Healthcare, Macquarie University and Fujitsu Japan. I am also managing the execution of our proof of concept ‘Incubator’ project – our equivalent of 'Shark Tank'.

Finally, at the time of writing this career profile, we were struck with the global pandemic of COVID-19. My team is working closely with global colleagues from countries such as Japan, Netherlands and the U.K. to create a virtual workshop environment.

Highlights of the role

Fujitsu is a great place to begin a career straight out of university. We are given the flexibility to rotate around certain areas of the organisation if we wish to do so. I am aware of other graduates in my cohort who have not only rotated within their business function two to three times, but have completely moved business units all together! The Graduate Program offers customisation and flexibility, growth and development opportunities, and support and guidance from managers, mentors and buddies across all levels of the business.


It was a great honour to be invited to the annual Japanese Emperor’s birthday reception in Canberra and showcase some of Fujitsu’s initiatives to a selection of VIP guests including politicians, government officials and international ambassadors. It was exciting to showcase some of the projects that I have been part of throughout my time at Fujitsu, such as Project Sagasu, Digital Owl and augmented reality support solution.

During my first semester at UNSW, I was struggling to excel in my Spanish classes. It was my lowest scoring subject by a long shot. However, three years later, I did not only complete a 12-month study abroad program in Madrid, but I was able to complete several subjects in Spanish with local students. It was the most challenging months of my university life and I am also the most proud of it. It was such an amazing feeling to not only understand the content of the subjects, but to be able to complete presentations and exams in a foreign language!

Highlights of UNSW

I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to learn a language and continue developing this skill during my one-year study abroad program. Like many others, I would never have had the chance to fully immerse myself in amazing countries such as Spain, if it were not for UNSW’s wide network of global partner universities. I was also able to engage in internship programs that came out of UNSW’s Michael Crouch Innovation Centre and very active societies.

A final highlight of UNSW was winning a Gold Medal at the 2018 Nationals Division 1 with the boys after 4 long years of trials and tribulations. A very memorable way to end my final year at the university.

Advice for current students

Start developing meaningful relationships with your professors, tutors or anyone you complete your group assignments with. They could one day provide you with valuable career opportunities, as well as make up your references for that important graduate job application! I also would highly recommend utilising resources that UNSW offer such as Careers and Employment. I attended their resume and assessment centre tips session and it was invaluable.


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