Alumni career profile: Michaela


Bachelor of Engineering (Mining) - 2018

Current role

Graduate Mining Engineer


Evolution Mining

Current work activities and projects

I’m currently working underground as an operator at our Mt Carlton Operation (QLD) to gain the necessary experience and understanding for the design work I’ll be doing as an engineer later on.

Highlights of the role

Highlights have definitely been gaining ops experience, it really provides the most insight into an operation and how to be the best mining engineer you can be. Driving trucks, loading explosives, anything where I’m working on the ground and out of the office is where I feel I’m doing my best learning; thankfully Evolution encourages all mining graduates to spend time in field.


Hosting the New Leader’s Conference and National Mining Games in Sydney whilst completing my thesis and full-time uni, working for Evolution and trying to attain that magical concept of work-life balance was both the worst and best experience during my degree – that and being selected to present my thesis at the MEA Student Research Conference in Adelaide. As for my greatest career achievement, I’d say it’s working on the Life of Mine unit costs and designing pits – I didn’t realise how big a deal it was until I was the only graduate sitting in a room full of managers!

Highlights of UNSW

Living in New College was the biggest force in shaping me into who I am today. My friends and experiences will be with me forever (highlights being O Week leader and social director, of course).

Running the Minesoc (Rest in Peace) and the AusIMM Sydney Student Chapter were great ways to meet people from industry and other unis, both organisations gave me so many incredible opportunities.

Advice for current students

Strive to be a good person. Try to work hard but don’t burn yourself out – remember, having a personality is worth at least 50 HDs.


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