Alumni career profile: Kaustubh


Master of Commerce (Marketing and HR) - 2018

Current role

Campus Brand Ambassador (Recruitment department)


Teach For Australia

Current work activities and projects

As the NSW Campus Brand Ambassador, I work to identify and inspire diverse, future-leaders to engage with Teach For Australia’s mission, and apply for the  Leadership Development Program. My main activities include:

  • Supporting the planning and running of events and promotional activities
  • Lecture pitching
  • Attending career fairs
  • Distributing flyers, posters and other marketing materials
  • Supporting the establishment of strategic relationships with students, academics, clubs and societies, and other university influencers

Highlights of the role

Teach for Australia has a flat organisational structure. The support and the autonomy you get while working as a Campus Brand Ambassador (CBA) is a good learning curve as you learn to take responsibility for the actions you have committed to. Attending the networking events were my favourite part as a CBA as it helped me become a more confident person and helped me improve my communication and relationship building skills.


From a career perspective, my highlights were to enjoy a high degree of independence and autonomy, along with continuing professional development. Most importantly, making a meaningful contribution to Teach For Australia's mission of ending educational inequity.

From an academic perspective, I was really proud to have graduated with excellence while working 2 jobs and still being able to participate in extracurricular activities I’m passionate about. I was also the only student representative in the Equity, Diversity and inclusion committee at UNSW Business school where the committee helped revise and formulate new policies for students and staff (Women, Low-SES, Indigenous and LGBTQIA+) to make UNSW Business school a place where everyone feels safe and included.

Highlights of UNSW

I remember going to the gigs in Roundhouse (they have the best onion rings) after my classes and I had some good times with my mates there. O-weeks at UNSW were always the most fun times and collecting freebies and signing up for all these different clubs and chapters and then only attending the events of the top 1-2 clubs throughout the year.

One of my fondest memories is when I participated in Phil’s Fun-a-Thon to raise money for Sydney’s children hospital by doing different fun activities while fundraising.

Advice for current students

My advice to all the current students is to enjoy your student life. Keep your one foot in the present and the other in the future. Don’t stress too much when things are not happening the way you want it to be. Good things take time. Start looking for opportunities that improve your skills. There is no such thing as too early or too late. Whenever you start just have the eyes on the prize and I am sure you will get there.

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