Alumni career profile: Jonathan


Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) / Bachelor of Education (Secondary)

Current role

Mathematics Teacher


NSW Department of Education

Current work activities and projects

I enjoy working with my classes. Seeing my students develop mathematically everyday is so rewarding. That said, teachers wear many hats and have a range of opportunities available to them outside of teaching that goes on in their classrooms. As an Assistant Year Adviser I have attended many camps and excursions (with destinations ranging from Mount Kosciuszko to Luna Park). I have also proudly taken my Rugby 7’s school sport team through to win the Ku-ring-gai district competition. When we get to see our students outside of the classroom, we build a professional rapport with them and are better able to inform our future teaching within the classroom.

Highlights of the role

Being a teacher allows me to experience new things every day. All of my students have different backgrounds, perspectives and ideas to contribute inside (and outside) the classroom. As a mathematics teacher, I see first-hand how strongly students feel about mathematics (sometimes positively and other times not so positively). I particularly enjoy working with students who do not believe they are “maths-people” when they enter my classroom. Over time, I help them realise that it is actually something they can do, regardless of their prior experiences or conceptions.


Some of my career highlights are hidden in plain sight. When I see students graduate I think back to all of the interactions I have had with them throughout their high school career. While it’s sad to see students leave, I’m so glad to have been a part of their lives. Other highlights have included visiting YouTube HQ through the Learning Edge competition and meeting Gladys Berejiklian as a recipient of the NSW Premier’s Teacher Scholarship.

At UNSW, my achievements weren’t solely focused on marks or academics. I’m also really proud to have been on the executive of the Pokémon Society. We were able to bring a range of people from different backgrounds together to share a common interest.

Highlights of UNSW

The memories I hold onto from UNSW are probably the little things I took for granted. Seeing friends in the quad, penny boarding along the main walkway and of course finding catered society events. I think ARC was another major reason I have such great memories of my time at UNSW. They invested a lot into the various societies I was part of including: Pokémon Society, Mathsoc and the Board Game Society.

Advice for current students

Everybody has their own niche and I think university gives us all an opportunity to explore that. Remember, there are a plethora of people from different backgrounds, time available to do activities and things to learn outside of your course lectures and tutorials (ARC’s “How to Adult” workshop series are still probably some the most applicable classes I attended).

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