Alumni career profile: Giorgio


Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Science with an Honours in Science (major in Psychology).

Current role

Business Analyst - Consulting


Venture Consulting

Current work activities and projects

Assisting a major telco with its 5G strategy; helping a private equity client determine whether it should make a significant infrastructure investment; working with a sports organisation to understand the future of sports media consumption.

Highlights of the role

  • We are a small and close-knit team: everyone knows each other well, we are friends inside and outside of work and we do lots of social activities together.
  • I am given opportunities to step outside my comfort zone: due to our small size, I am often provided with the opportunity to take on additional responsibility and test myself.
  • We work on interesting projects for interesting clients: we are tightly focused on strategy work, which means shorter project lengths, more project variety and greater impact for our clients.
  • I have mentors to look up to: our senior team is made up of a mix of born and bred Venture consultants who know our way of doing things inside out and recruits from top consulting firms like BCG, McKinsey and PIP.
  • We work with global partners: we have partners in the US and Europe with who we work with on projects and even have opportunities for exchange.


Career: Presenting a 3-year forecast operating model to the CFO and CSO of a client.
University: attaining first-class honours in Psychology after a big year of work!

Highlights of UNSW

  • Playing social soccer at the cage down at lower campus.
  • Getting a $10 chicken schnitty on a Wednesday at the Whitehouse.
  • Dressing up as an Ancient Greek for the Roundhouse Toga Party.

Advice for current students

  • Put yourself out there and get involved with clubs/societies - they're a great way to meet people and figure out what you're interested in.
  • This one is obvious, but study hard! Don't be satisfied with just getting passes as that will make things more difficult down the line.
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