Eligible students with specific print difficulties can speak to their Equitable Learning Advisor regarding the organisation of course materials into an accessible format.

Textbooks, course and exam materials can be converted to hard copy electronic formats, large print and Braille.

Students should register with Equitable Learning Services (ELS), as early as possible, to enable reformatting to be completed in a timely manner.

Note: Eligibility for alternative formatting support is assessed by the documentation provided by your Doctor or Health Professional and in consultation with your Equitable Learning Advisor. Fill out the Request for Alternative Formatting Form

Please speak to your Equitable Learning Advisor if you require assistance to complete the alternate format form.

Arranging Alternate Format

Enrol early and contact the relevant academics and ask them for details of textbooks, course readers and Moodle readings. Purchase your course materials and, if possible, obtain electronic copies. Remember that you will need to supply ELS with a copy of the receipt before we can begin reformatting.

Obtaining Electronic Copies of Books

Please be aware that requests to publishers for electronic copies can take up to eight weeks. If you have any textbooks published by The Federation Press, please contact them first before purchasing a hard copy as they will sell you an electronic copy directly. You will still require verification from ELS that you are a student who is registered with us. ELS will approach all other publishers on your behalf; however, we can only do this when you bring in your receipts for your textbooks.

Braille Formatting

If you require material to be formatted into Braille, contact us as soon as you have the relevant material. You must discuss your Braille requirements with your Equitable Learning Advisor as conversion to Braille can take many months to complete. Materials are required to be in electronic format for Braille conversion. Braille conversion is managed by an external agency, Vision Australia.

24/7 Online Alternative Formatting Requests

SensusAccess is an automated service for the conversion of documents to a range of formats to assist people with print disabilities.

You can use SensusAccess to convert documents into a range of alternative formats including digital Braille, MP3, DAISY and e-books. The service can also be used to convert otherwise inaccessible documents such as image-only PDF files or scanned images into more accessible formats. Speak to your Equitable Learning Advisor regarding a permission key to make use of SensusAccess.

Summer Term Support

Alternate formatting is available during summer term. As the term is short, and many publishers are closed for the Christmas break, students need to be timely in supplying materials to ELS for reformatting.

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