Faculty specific ALLY contacts

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UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture

Faculty Operations

Steven Shears - [email protected]
Tamra Flewell-Smith - [email protected]
Sally Smythe - [email protected]

School of Art & Design

Dr Scott East - [email protected]
Lindsay Kelley - [email protected]
Ramesh Nithiyendran - [email protected]
Stephen D Goddard - [email protected]
Rebecca Green - [email protected]
Gary Carsley - [email protected]
Grant Stevens - [email protected]
Jose Da Silva - [email protected]
Kurt Schranzer - [email protected]
Karen Kriss - [email protected]
Diana Baker Smith - [email protected]
Spence Messih - [email protected]
Harriet Watts - [email protected]
Amber Hafeez Hammad - [email protected]
Bianca Hester - [email protected]
Melinda Young - [email protected]
Rebecca Shanahan - [email protected]

School of Social Sciences

Andrew Brown - [email protected]
Ashleigh Hamilton - [email protected]
Andy Kaladelfos - [email protected]
David Cami - [email protected]
Theron Schmidt - [email protected]au
Deborah Boswell - [email protected]
Louise Ravelli - [email protected]
Aimee Satumba - [email protected]
Deborah Barros Leal Farias - [email protected]
David Blaazer - [email protected]
Catherine Rowe - [email protected]
Jocelyn Yang - [email protected]
Melinda Harvey - [email protected]
Dalia Pisk - [email protected]
Joyce Wu - [email protected]
Sophie Androulis - [email protected]
Jordii Burke - [email protected]
Penny Griffin - [email protected]

School of Humanities and Languages

William Armour - [email protected]
Alana Cerkesas - [email protected]
Rebeca Paredes Nieto - [email protected]
James Phillips - [email protected]
Kama Maclean - [email protected]
Taylor Coyne - [email protected]
Sandra Hale - [email protected]
Monique Laura - [email protected]
Dennison Lindberg - [email protected]
Timothy O'Leary - [email protected]

Centre for Social Research in Health

Katie Moses - [email protected]
Christy Newman - [email protected]
Anthony Smith - [email protected]
Emma Kirby - [email protected]

School of Arts and Media

Helen Caple - [email protected]
Su Goldfish - [email protected]
Jane Mills - [email protected]
Michael Richardson - [email protected]
Chantel Henwood - [email protected]
Georgia Rose Phillips - [email protected]
Nataliia Laba - [email protected]
Abhati Tarkunde - [email protected]
Angie Bradburn - [email protected]
Jonathan J Bollen - [email protected]

School of Education

Zoe Backes - [email protected]
Ariella Van Luyn - [email protected]
Nizar Ali - [email protected]

School of Built Environment

Helen Lochead - [email protected]
Mohammad Mojtahedi - [email protected]
Susan Thompson - [email protected]
William McNaughton - [email protected]
Michelle Steel - [email protected]
Bruce Edward Watson - [email protected]
Alfonsus Alvin - [email protected]
Jonathan Fox- [email protected]
Susan Channells - [email protected]
Maximilienne Whitby - [email protected]
Muqing Dong - [email protected]
Negin Nazarian - [email protected]
Dehan Silva - [email protected]
Jamilla de Jonge - [email protected]
Shiling Wu - [email protected]


UNSW Business School & AGSM


Dean's Unit

Hannah Davis - [email protected]
Seda Cokcetin - [email protected]

School of Management and Governance

Lydia McDonnell - [email protected]


Michael Cahalane - [email protected]
Gigi Foster - [email protected]
Joanne Herron - [email protected]
Alexandra James - [email protected]
Han Wang - [email protected]
Christine Van Toorn - [email protected]
Virginia Hine - [email protected]
Nora Yim - [email protected]
Leisa Sargent - [email protected]
Sarah Jo Steinhoff - [email protected]
Vicky Simao - [email protected]
Emily Cohen - [email protected]
Suzanne Chan-Serafin - [email protected]
Lemuria Carter - [email protected]
Danny Iskander - [email protected]
Josette Milord - [email protected]
Alison Richards - [email protected]
Penny Mahoney - [email protected]
Sandeep Mysore Seshadrinath - [email protected]
Rebecca Ballesteros - [email protected]
Marisol Alarcon - [email protected]
Peter Heslin - [email protected]
Tracy Wilcox - [email protected]
Melodie Cartel - [email protected]
Siddharth Gopinath - [email protected]
Jennifer Lafferty - [email protected]
Riley Wilson Sanders - [email protected]
Inka Eberhardt - [email protected]
Erin Snelgrove - [email protected]
Edwina Taylor-Perkins - [email protected]
Angela Wang - [email protected]
Bianca Takans - [email protected]
Petra Langan-Stark - [email protected]
Vicky Simao - [email protected]
Anna Gurevich - [email protected]


Claudia Crosariol - [email protected]
Bronwen Black - [email protected]

UNSW Engineering

Cheryl Brown - [email protected]
Melany Tecson - [email protected]
Justin McKee - [email protected]
Adam Hatch - [email protected]
Jacqui Orme - [email protected]
Madden Burns - [email protected]
Lucy Marshall - [email protected]
Erin Azzopardi - [email protected]
Ademir Prata - [email protected]
Muhammad Talal Ali Khan - [email protected]

School of Computer Science and Engineering

Andrew Bennett - [email protected]
Adam Smallhorn - [email protected]
Sim Mautner - [email protected]
Michael Thielscher - [email protected]
Harrison Steyn - [email protected]

School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications

Ruichen Zhao - [email protected]

School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Catherine Pogonowski - [email protected]
Garth Pearce - [email protected]
Tracie Barber - [email protected]
Darson Li - [email protected]
Julisa Edwards - [email protected]
Sonya Brown - [email protected]
Muhammad Tariq Nazir - [email protected]

School of Chemical Engineering

Tarun Sitaraman - [email protected]
Zoe Josephine De Vries - [email protected]
Kameron Michael Wijaya - [email protected]

School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy

Fiacre Rougieux - [email protected]


UNSW Law & Justice

Faculty Operations

Sandra Rheinbay - [email protected]
Marijke Bassani - [email protected]
Rajinder Cullinan - [email protected]
Lucas Lixinski - [email protected]
Sonia Nitchell - [email protected]
Sandra Cepeda - [email protected]
Jeni Engel - [email protected]
Victoria Edwards - [email protected]
Andrew Lynch - [email protected]
Prue Vines - [email protected]
Melanie Schwartz - [email protected]
Jarliene Enriquez - [email protected]
Denise Wasley - [email protected]
Kyle Allen - [email protected]
Feon Chua - [email protected]
Fei Wong - [email protected]
Alex Steel - [email protected]
Amelia L Thorpe - [email protected]
Lauren Y Butterly - [email protected]
Susan Webb - [email protected]
Julie Hebblewhite - [email protected]
Tess Deegan - [email protected]
Alice Orchiston - [email protected]
Anita Will - [email protected]
Andrew Byrnes - [email protected]
Catherine Bond - [email protected]
Gabrielle Dunlevy - [email protected]
Trent Wallace - [email protected]
Aline Jaeckel - [email protected]
Mehera San Roque - [email protected]
Christopher Pearce - [email protected]
Rosalind Dixon - [email protected]
Andrew Loomes [email protected]
Colleen Rose Gonzales - [email protected]
Karen De Raya - [email protected]
Jack Wheatstone - [email protected]

Australian Pro Bono Centre

Sally Embelton - [email protected]

Kingsford Legal Centre

Roselle Nunes - [email protected]

School of Global & Public Law

Monika Zalnieriute - [email protected]

UNSW Medicine

Allison Arndt - [email protected]
David Boothey - [email protected]
Marianne Colbert - [email protected]
Alison Cullen - [email protected]
Ravit Danieli-Vlandis - [email protected]
Laura Derkenne - [email protected]
Michael Falster - [email protected]
Nadia Ghafoorzada - [email protected]
Ryan Ling - [email protected]
Leanne McQuiston - [email protected]
Dana M Leidl - [email protected]
Greg Smith - [email protected]
Melissa Cahill - [email protected]
Caroline Ford - [email protected]
Cara Elvidge - [email protected]
Amanda Fletcher - [email protected]
Diana Potocnik - [email protected]
Ebony Taylor - [email protected]
Cristan Herbert - [email protected]
Tina Holmes - [email protected]
Owen Vandenberg - [email protected]
Craig Smith - [email protected]
Lorinda Carter - [email protected]
Julianne Weatherley - [email protected]
Sujin Jang - [email protected]
Jane Clarke - [email protected]
Michelle Cartwright - [email protected]
Robert Oakeshott - [email protected]
Emma Watson - [email protected]
Jessica Macer-Wright - [email protected]
Sarah Jacobs - [email protected]
Katharina Gaus - [email protected]
Silas Taylor - [email protected]
Kristen Beek - [email protected]
Frances Zahra - [email protected]
Jeanette Thom - [email protected]
Ashwini Manorathan - [email protected]
Louise Dougherty - [email protected]
Adam Strang - [email protected]
Margaret Mouat - [email protected]
Ryan Horn - [email protected]
Katherine Wu - [email protected]
Ning Zhang - [email protected]
Associate Professor Adrienne Torda - [email protected]

Office of Medical Education

Kate Lawler - [email protected]


Rural Clinical School (Port Macquarie)

Linda Ferrington - [email protected]

Rural Clinical School (Coffs Harbour)

Ryan Horn - [email protected]

South West Sydney Clinical School (Liverpool)

Ben Taylor - [email protected]

School of Medical Sciences

Karen Jane Gibson - [email protected]
Kirsty McDonald - [email protected]
Brendan Wilkins - [email protected]
Dr Nicola J Smith - [email protected]
Kate Poole - [email protected]
Kalli Spencer - [email protected]

School of Public Health & Community Medicine

Minh Cuong Duong - [email protected]

School of Psychiatry

Jenna Zhao- [email protected]

School of Women's and Children's Health

Eden Robertson - [email protected]
Katelyn Phillips - [email protected]

Children's Cancer Institute

Shannon Gribble - [email protected]
Patricia Manila - [email protected]
Kate Gunther - [email protected]

The Kirby Institute

Barbara Yeung - [email protected]
Bridget Haire - [email protected]
Denton Callander - [email protected]
Paul Simpsom - [email protected]
Stefanie Vaccher - [email protected]
Steven Philpot - [email protected]
Roshana Sultan - [email protected]
Steffen Docken - [email protected]
Douglas Fraser - [email protected]

The Black Dog Institute

Sophia Mobbs - [email protected]


The George Institute

Ania Anderst - [email protected] 
Peta Steadman - [email protected]
Carinna Hockham - [email protected]
Erika Burmeister - [email protected]
Belinda Ford - [email protected]
Sandra Garcia - [email protected]
Rabia Khan - [email protected]
Leanne Tea - [email protected]
Helen Pappas - [email protected]
Arlen Wilcox - [email protected]
Hayley Paris - [email protected]
Sedricx Fontanilla - [email protected]
Sarah Grattan - [email protected]
Anna Palagyi - [email protected]
Shane Galgey - [email protected]
Amy Bestman - [email protected]
Simone Pettigrew - [email protected]
Kate Myburgh - [email protected]
Kate Hunter - [email protected]
Karen Walker - [email protected]
Emilla Frederick - [email protected]
Allison Humphries - [email protected]
Melanie Newman - [email protected]
Keziah Bennett-Brook - [email protected]
Helen Monaghan - [email protected]
Angelie Costelo - [email protected]

Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute 

Emily Furlong - [email protected]

UNSW Science

Mikaela Viray - [email protected] (EDI Project Officer - Science (Students))

School of Aviation

Carlo Caponecchia - [email protected]


School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences (BABS)

Vivian Yeung - [email protected]
Kylie Jones - [email protected]
Tara Louise Columna - [email protected]
John Wilosn - [email protected]
Angelique Ray - [email protected]
Lucy Angela Dobson - [email protected]
Brendan Burns - [email protected]
Amy Malligan - [email protected]

School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences (BEES)

Chantel Benbow [email protected]
Justin Chan - [email protected]
Amy Hooper - [email protected]
Jessica McConkey - [email protected]
Bonnie Teece - [email protected]
Jonathan Russell - [email protected]
Ashanti Fogden - [email protected]
Suhelen Egan - [email protected]
Claire Sives - [email protected]
Sebastian Vadillo Gonzalez - [email protected]
Pietro Pollo - [email protected]
Xinyi (Lexi) Lu - [email protected]
Clare Fletcher - [email protected]
Alva Lane - [email protected]
Victoria Inman - [email protected]
Aly Ross - [email protected]
Teagan Mock - [email protected]

School of Chemistry

Anne Ayres- [email protected]
Justin Gooding - [email protected]
Ruth Thomas - [email protected]\
Zoe Josephine De Vries - [email protected]
Anna Wang - [email protected]

School of Optometry

Ajay Kumar Vijay - [email protected]
Mark Willcox - [email protected]

School of Physics

Mireia Montes Quiles- [email protected]
Julian Berengut - [email protected]
Seda Cokcetin - [email protected]
Kate Jackson - [email protected]
Elizabeth Angstmann - [email protected]
Shannon Melrose - [email protected]
Giulia Santucci - [email protected]

School of Psychology

Thomas Denson - [email protected]
James Dunn - [email protected]
Melanie Gleitzman - [email protected]
Lydia Hayward - [email protected]
Marcus Taft - [email protected]
Sebastian Rogers - [email protected]
Stephanie Roughley - [email protected]
Kate Hutton-Bedbrook - [email protected]
Alice Towler - [email protected]
Travis Wearne - [email protected]
Elizabeth Summerell - [email protected]
Fiona Phelps - [email protected]
Rachel Low Foong - [email protected]
Jia Ni Teo - [email protected]
Nic O'Leary - [email protected]
Elizabeth Haris - [email protected]u
Grisha Chawla - [email protected]
Nicole Cruz - [email protected]
Caroline Sim - [email protected]

Climate Change Research Centre and CLEX 

Stephen Gray - [email protected]
Katrin Meissner - [email protected] 
Annette Stellema - [email protected]
Dipayan Choudhury - [email protected]

School of Materials Science and Engineering

Paul Munroe - [email protected]
Wenceslao Jaimes Ocampo - [email protected]
Shivaashna Kumar - [email protected]

School of Mathematics and Statistics

Catherine Greenhill - [email protected]
Daniel Mansfield - [email protected]
Alessandro Ottazzi - [email protected]
Donna Mary Salopek - [email protected]


Andrew Addie - [email protected]
Carolyn Etter - [email protected]
Julian Berengut - [email protected]
Peta Di Bella - [email protected]
Teagan Gale - [email protected]
Tierney Marey - [email protected]
Simin Masoudi - [email protected]
Jonathan G Russell - [email protected]
Vivian M Yeung - [email protected]
Sarah Remfrey - [email protected]
Nora O'Shaugnessy - [email protected]
Scott A Gleason - [email protected]
Phillip Raponi - [email protected]
Seda Cokcetin - [email protected]
Shannon Melrose - [email protected]
Phillip Raponi - [email protected]
Carmella Mor - [email protected]
Lisa Williams - [email protected]
Bonnie Teece - [email protected]
Chantel Benbow - [email protected]
Steve Yannoulatos - [email protected]
Molly Straney - [email protected]
Samuel Jones -  [email protected]
Riley Wilson Sanders - [email protected]

UNSW Graduate Research School

Andrew Coulter - [email protected]
Anneli Strutt - [email protected]
Simone Purdon - [email protected]
Andrea Walisser - [email protected]
Agata Sadowska Kaziniec - [email protected]
Sarah Tappin - [email protected]


UNSW Canberra / ADFA

Melanie Kovacs - [email protected]
Daniel O'Neill - [email protected]
Adrian Bazbauers - [email protected]
Suzanne Austin - [email protected]
Thomas Keating - [email protected] 
Werner Lausberg - [email protected]
Keiran O'Reilly - [email protected]
Dominique Kazan - [email protected]
Jennifer Lane - [email protected]
Ashley Maxted - [email protected]
Dimitra Andriopoulos - [email protected]
Lisa Shirt - [email protected]
Tom Roberts - [email protected]
Emily Rutherford - [email protected]
Suzanne Harrison - [email protected]
Miranda Bruce - [email protected]
Heather Neilson - [email protected]
Ella Stevenson - [email protected]
Claudine Roberts - [email protected]
Helen Dickinson - [email protected]
Sophie Clark - [email protected]
Janise Farrell - [email protected]
Beth Hinds - [email protected]
Sean Cormick - [email protected]
Sophie Lanson - [email protected]
Simon Murphy - [email protected]
Tenille Hands - [email protected]
Megan Evans - [email protected]
Bianca Capra - [email protected]
Harrison Savill - [email protected]
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