Contact an ALLY for LGBTIQ+ support

The [email protected] Network is made up of trained staff and students that aim to ensure that UNSW is a safe and welcoming place for all students and staff of diverse genders, sexes and sexualities (LGBTIQ+). If you would like to contact any of the following Allies, they will be happy to hear from you and provide confidential referral advice.

General contact email: [email protected]

Faculty specific contacts

WEBSITE MAINTENANCE: As part of the ongoing management of the Ally list, we are currently making some structural updates from 16-27 August. As a result, you may notice some formatting and naming issues during this time. Thank you for your patience.

Divisional Contacts

Division of Equity Diversity and Inclusion

Ursula Brown - [email protected]
Fergus Grealy - [email protected]
Deborah Samuels - [email protected]
Daniella Schot - [email protected]
Farhana Laffernis - [email protected]
Kunnal Malhotra - [email protected]
Rebecca Martin - [email protected]
Stephanie Ashby - [email protected]
Kylie Owens - [email protected]
Rebecca Freed - [email protected]
Susannah Fraser - [email protected]
Jackie Leach Scully [email protected]
Jose Alberto Lecaros Urday - [email protected]
Isabella Burton-Clark - [email protected]

Student Conduct and Integrity Unit

Natalina Arena - [email protected]
David House - [email protected]
Kimberley Dickenson - [email protected]
Dimitrios Pandioras - [email protected]
Thea Kremser - [email protected]
Katie J Levick - [email protected]
Bronwyn J Greene - [email protected]
Amelia Kowalski - [email protected]
Samantha E McCourtie - [email protected]
Julia A Lines - [email protected]
Yim-Kwan Chan - [email protected]
Isobel Clarke - [email protected]


Colleges / Accommodation

Michael Patoka - [email protected]
Isabelle Creagh - [email protected]



Samantha Anderson - [email protected]
Steven Greatorex - [email protected]
Samantha Bowen - [email protected]
Jessica Davis - [email protected]
Jennifer Whitfield - [email protected]
Jessica Deane - [email protected]
Megan McKenna - [email protected]
Vanessa Vay - [email protected]
Caitlin Williams - [email protected]
Derek Chen - [email protected]
Jacinta Byrne - [email protected]
Kim Chen - [email protected]

Library Academic Services

Kassie Dmitreiff - [email protected]
Jane Knowles - [email protected]
Anna Rutkowska - [email protected]


Nura Gili

Nakia Bolt - [email protected]


Student Services Unit

India Forbes - [email protected]
Katherine Neal - [email protected]
Katie Mooney-Sheppard - [email protected]

Arc - UNSW Student Life

Linda Lombardi - [email protected]
Joseph Krytinar - [email protected]
Nitasha Prasad - [email protected]
Mitchell McBurnie - [email protected]
Tegn Bond - [email protected]
Stephen Guo - [email protected]
Caroline Fox Drinkwater - [email protected]
Janvi Kumar - [email protected]

PVC Education & Student Experience

Student Life and Communities

Sharon Rodham - [email protected]
Andrie Effendi - [email protected]
Alison See - [email protected]

Educational Experience

James Vassie - [email protected]

Health Promotions

Belinda Meggit - [email protected]
Madhav Raman - [email protected]

Equitable Learning Services

Michelle Sanders - [email protected]

Student Support and Success

Renee Griffin [email protected]

Student Development

Steffi Dourado - [email protected]
Patricia Garcia - [email protected]
Bliss Forrester - [email protected]
Tamara Sales - [email protected]

Student Experience

Isabelle Vertucci - [email protected]

Counselling and Psychological Services

Allison Cahill - [email protected]
Laura Kampel - [email protected]
Amanda Rembach - [email protected]
Holly Devir - [email protected]

Careers & Employability

Daria Levachova - [email protected]
Petrina Stivala - [email protected]
Deobrah Boswell - [email protected]
Sedryn Lim - [email protected]


Division of Operations


Cora Smith - [email protected]
Wye Yu - [email protected]

Human Resources

Melanie Kovacs UNSW Canberra/ADFA - [email protected]
Aaron Magner - [email protected]
Atra Auraha - [email protected]
Amanda Sadek - [email protected]
Steven Lalic - [email protected]
Michelle Steel - [email protected]

UNSW Global

Natalie Abrahams - [email protected]
Chiemi Haginoya - [email protected]
Charlotte Long - [email protected]
Katarzyna Orlando - [email protected]
Elise Hockam - [email protected]
Brandon Ng - [email protected]
Emily Cohen - [email protected]
Matthew Sherwood - [email protected]
Christine Bu - [email protected]
Lu Wang - [email protected]
Peter Wylie - [email protected]
Erin Tsukamoto - [email protected]



John Daniel Encel - [email protected]
Carolina Ramirez Hernandez - [email protected]
Vanessa Cali - [email protected]
Alex Kilpatrick - [email protected]
Megan Tapia - [email protected]
Brittney Liew - [email protected]


Amrita Mukhopadhyay - [email protected]

Future Students

Stacie Lucien - [email protected]
Rosie Sackett - [email protected]
Wayne William - [email protected]


Division of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research

Suzie Honan - [email protected]


Division of Academic & Student Life

Marina Harvey - [email protected]

The Nucleus: Student Hub

Tracy Costa - [email protected]
Peter Arnott - [email protected]
Joseph Stankovich - [email protected]
Andrew Brown-Nguyen - [email protected]

Music Performance Unit

Alexandria (Alex) Stavely Siegers - [email protected]


Division of External Relations

Laura Stevens - [email protected]
Matthew Kelly - [email protected]
Danielle Peek - [email protected]
Kristen Versitano - [email protected]
Samantha McFedries - [email protected]
Angela Topping - [email protected]
Eden Tollis - [email protected]
Phebe Chan - [email protected]
Julie Ong - [email protected]
Ruby Pradhan - [email protected]
Kate Panchal - [email protected]



Bronwen Black - [email protected]
Rajinder Cullinan - [email protected]
Steve Pappas - [email protected]
Rachel Perry - [email protected]
Violet Stokoe-Miller - [email protected]
Sandra Tata - [email protected]
Ian Zucker - [email protected]
Olivia Inwood - [email protected]
Nathan J Attard - [email protected]
Kieran McGeachie - [email protected]
Alexandra Bell - [email protected]
Sydnye D Allen - [email protected]
Catherine Pogonowski - [email protected]
Vanessa Fredericks - [email protected]
Mark Smith - [email protected]
Ryan Ling - [email protected]
Sheridan Duck - [email protected]
Michael Davidson - [email protected] 
Emma Butschek - [email protected]
Sarah Haynes - [email protected]
Thomas Oakley - [email protected]
Shruthi Subramanian - [email protected]
Nathan Zhao - [email protected] 
Natasha Rose - [email protected] 
Christa Jacenyik-Trawoger - [email protected]
Aline Jaeckel - [email protected]
Melissa Mezups - [email protected]
Zihua Wang - [email protected]
Pelin Durali - [email protected]
Zoe Richards - [email protected]
Roshana Kanagaratnam - [email protected]
Mithula Premachandran - [email protected]
Emily Chandler - [email protected]
Ilana Rigoni - [email protected]
Madeleine Burston - [email protected] 
Anna Thompson - [email protected]
Megan Maurice - [email protected]
Pip Blatt - [email protected] 

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