Australia Awards Scholarship Entitlements

For a full explanation of your scholarship entitlements please read the Australia Awards Scholarships Policy Handbook.

Supplementary Academic Support (SAS)

All scholarship students can access a Supplementary Academic Support (SAS) entitlement to help them with their studies.

AAS students can access SAS funds for the purposes stated below:

  • Tutoring/Academic Support/Thesis Editing
  • Academic Training, Conference or Workshop

An Application Form can be accessed via the Australia Awards Moodle page.

SAS funds are accrued at a rate of $500 every six months during your scholarship.

Time PeriodEntitlement AmountTime PeriodEntitlement Amount
Jan - Jun 1st year$500Jan - Jun 3rd year$2,500
Jul - Dec 1st year$1,000Jul - Dec 3rd year$3,000
Jan - Jun 2nd year$1,500Jan - Jun 4th year$3,500
Jul - Dec 2nd year$2,000Jul - Dec 4th year$4,000


If a student is 1.5 years into a 2 years degree, they will be able to access $1500 out their total $2000 entitlement.

Please note:

  • Funding cannot be used to purchase IT hardware, specialised software or textbooks.
  • The funds cannot be expensed in advance.
  • No further funding will be provided after scholarship end date.
  • Applications to attend academic training, conferences or workshops must be submitted to the Sponsored Student Contact Officer (SSCO) via email at [email protected] prior to the date of the training/workshop/conference.
  • Reimbursement requests to claim for academic training/conference/workshop registration fees are due to the SSCO by June/December of the same calendar year.

Example: If you attended a training in March 2018, you must submit your application to the SSCO prior to event and the reimbursement request no later than 30 June 2018.


Students who have a fieldwork entitlement are able to travel back home during their scholarship to Conduct Fieldwork. This entitlement only covers the cost of the return airfare. To apply please complete the Fieldwork Travel Form

Please note: PhD students are entitled to three trips that can be either reunion or fieldwork. Masters students are entitled to one trip that can be either reunion or fieldwork.

Student Type

Fieldwork trips available
(During Scholarship period)

Masters by Coursework
(compulsory research component only)

(Only if the awardee has not use the reunion airfare)

Masters by Research

(Only if the awardee has not use the reunion airfare)

PhD Student

Up to Three
(Only one trip if scholarship was accepted before 1 Feb 2015)


Under the AAS Policy Handbook, section 10.8 Reunion Airfare, to be eligible for Reunion Airfare awardees must:

  • I. be unaccompanied for the duration of the scholarship
  • II. be unaccompanied in Australia for twelve months
  • III. if family members have at any time accompanied the awardee in Australia as a dependent on their 500 visa, to access reunion they must be unaccompanied for twelve months from the date of dependant/s departure from Australia.
  • IV. be enrolled for a minimum of two academic years in Australia (the academic year can include in Australia preparatory programs).

Please note:

  • Reunion airfares do not accrue and must be utilised at the end of each eligible academic year.
  • If an awardee commences in January, the reunion travel must be taken at the end of the first academic year.
  • If an awardee commences mid-year the travel can be deferred to the Christmas break in the following year. For example, an awardee who commences in July 2018 on a two-year program is eligible to travel back home in July 2019. However, the awardee can choose to defer his/her travel and fly home for the Christmas break in 2019. The number of entitlements depends on your scholarship length:
Length of scholarshipReunion Airfare Entitlement at:
 End of year
End of year
End of year
End of year
1 yearNo   
1.5 yearsNo   
2 yearsYesNo  
2.5 yearsYesNo  
3 yearsYesYesNo 
3.5 yearsYesYesNo 
4 yearsYesYesYesNo

To access the reunion airfare please contact the Sponsored Student Contact Officer (SSCO) via email at [email protected]

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