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Formula SAE-A Team

Formula SAE is an international university design competition focused on the design, manufacturing, and testing of a small formula style open-wheel race car.

UNSW Career Discovery Mentoring Program

The Career Discovery Mentoring Program connects UNSW students from their second year of study onwards with established industry professionals, providing students with a significant opportunity to focus on career…

Young Engineers Australia National Committee

The Young Engineers Australia National Committee (YEANC) is the executive body of Young Engineers Australia (YEA). They determine national policies, directions and initiatives and provide a voice for members, advising…

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For questions about UNSW Advantage email [email protected]

Do you run a professional development/volunteering activity for students? Are you a Constituent Club with an executive? Review the guidelines and nomination forms for providers to get started.

For more information about the Australian Higher Education Graduate Statement see AHEGS.

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