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Optometry and Vision Science Peer Support Program

The Optometry and Vision Science Peer Support Program can help new Optometry and Vision Science students make the transition to university life as smoothly as possible, by providing support, opportunities to meet new…

Peer Mentor, UNSW Science

The UNSW Science Peer Mentoring Program is available to students in the majority of undergraduate science degree programs. The following schools offer their own programs.

Student Ambassador, School of Aviation

UNSW Aviation Student Ambassadors act as a link between the university and the community. They share their experience and knowledge with prospective students, parents, teachers and career advisers.

Student Society Executive, UNSW Science

There is plenty to do on and off campus other than study and classes. In such a diverse Faculty, with so many degrees and majors it is often hard to find where students belong.

Students of Advanced Mathematics and Science

UNSW SAMS is the society for students enrolled in Advanced Science/Mathematics (Hons) at UNSW. As a society, we aim to assist our students in forming strong social and academic networks by hosting a variety of social,…

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For questions about UNSW Advantage email [email protected]

Do you run a professional development/volunteering activity for students? Are you a Constituent Club with an executive? Review the guidelines and nomination forms for providers to get started.

For more information about the Australian Higher Education Graduate Statement see AHEGS.

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