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Academic Program Review Panels - Student Membership

If you would like to contribute to the quality and ongoing strength of your program, then you may be able to become a student member of a Review Panel.  All programs at UNSW are reviewed every seven years by a panel with…

GERRIC Student Programs

GERRIC contributes to many aspects of the education and development of highly able children and young people, offering school holiday programs of enrichment and extension, weekend courses for parents of gifted students,…

Global Village

Students have the opportunity to travel during yearly breaks to developing countries to lend a helping hand with a local community project.

House Committee Member, Student Accommodation

The House Committee functions to facilitate an all-inclusive extra-curricular program for the residents of The Kensington Colleges. The members of the House Committee represent the voice of their fellow residents in…

Orientation Committee Member, Student Accommodation

Members of the Orientation Committee deliver a responsible and welcoming program of diverse activities to induct new resident students into the daily life of the colleges, and provide direct assistance and support in…

Peer Mentor (Postgraduate), UNSW Business School

The Graduate Student Association in the UNSW Business School runs a peer mentoring program to assist all new UNSW Business School postgraduate students to make a successful transition to studying in the UNSW Business…

Peer Mentor, UNSW Engineering

UNSW Engineering has a mentoring program to help new students make a smooth transition to university life. Meetings with mentors usually run for the first 4 weeks of Semester 1. Flexible First Year students can join in…

Peer Mentor, UNSW Medicine

The UNSW Medical Society mentoring program sees senior students (second year and above) grouped with first year students to ease the transition into life as a medical student at UNSW. Mentors serve in a non-academic role,…

Peer Mentor, UNSW Science

The UNSW Science Peer Mentoring Program is available to students in the majority of undergraduate science degree programs. The following schools offer their own programs.

Resident Advisors, Student Accommodation

The College appoints a number of Residential Advisors (RA's) each academic year. Their primary responsibility is the care and development of student residents. This care includes all aspects of working constantly towards…

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